Archangel Michael - Prophecy of Those Who Will Inherit The Earth

By Archangel Michael

Greetings Dear Ones, I wish to discuss about those who will inherit the Earth. There has been many prophecies leading to the End of Days. Most of the prophecies are mixed with half truths and fear based agendas. This was intentionally done by the “Old Controllers”, to cause confusion, denial, fantasy and more to keep you in the mind. 

They wanted to avoid any and all access to the Heart, so that Humanity does not awaken. The True Armageddon is not on the outer world. It is within… the battle between the Heart and Mind. Ascension occurs only through the Heart. It is there you commune with nature, your star family and Soul. Although, there were few Ascended Masters who were successful in ascending, such as Master St Germain, Buddha and your Spiritual Parents, who are incarnated upon this earth as your guides and examples of Love Everywhere Present. The primary function of the mind/ego or Taker, is to keep you away from the Present Moment and rob you of your joy… of Love. Many lightworkers are in Denial of this Truth, and continue serving the Ego instead of Love, thus incurring more negative karma upon themselves. The more you ignore Love through serving Ego, the more pain and suffering. When Serving Love you incur the Good Karma to yourself, which produces higher states of joy.

We understand there will be resistance to this information because most of the Lightworkers are still functioning within the parameters of the mind. The Heart feels and knows the truth. This is the difference between the “Awakened” and the “Informed”. The “Awakened Ones” Feel into their Being the variety of energies and Experience the Flow, Miracles and Magic of the Ascension Process. The “Informed Ones” simply read, analyze and reason. They have little to no experience as they are stuck in limited thought. The mind can not understand Love because it can not BE Love.

The prophecy, the ascension, the heart and mind is all about Energy. Humanity has a limited understanding of how energy works. This knowledge was suppressed and lost by the old controllers. This was to keep Humanity in lower states of consciousness… a state of constant survival, pain and suffering. The worst addiction on the planet is to energy. The common mindset within Humanity is the Taking of energy. Humanity has been conditioned to seek everything outside themselves, including energy. This is the state of mind for “The Takers”. They drain their energies and those around them, literally aging the body and eventually lead to it’s death.

A Taker can never reach higher states of consciousness beyond the 4th Dimension. Going within is where your power lies, which your Heart grants access. It is through feeling that you know the Truth. Being ungenuine, continuing the old ways of being and incurring Karma while still thinking your moving forward in the ascension is simply Denial and Delusion. These are tricks of the mind. Hence why many of the channeled messages focus with Being in the Heart. This journey you chose to embark on is leaving the mind and moving into the Heart. One does not think of the change, but BE and FEEL the Change. One must be brutally honest with one self and dig deep with their emotions. There is no judgement Dear Ones. Ask yourselves bold questions… Are you in the Present Moment of Now? Are you Serving Love or Self? Are you choosing Love in all Moments? Are you being the Change you wish to see?

It is in the Present Moment that you experience unconditional love, God, Heaven and more… The “Awakened Ones”… The Children of The Heart, The “Givers” feel and know that all is within. The change they wish to see is by Being the Change and flow solely within the Heart. They are in higher frequencies of Unconditional Love, a State of BEING, (Not a state of mind). The Givers share and give energies with one another, which grows, expand and works with the Flow of Creation, which is LOVE. Their energies are never depleted as they are tapping into Source, Prime Creator, Mother of All Creation, GAIA, The Holy Spirit. As those who are resonating within these frequencies and go higher in consciousness, they move from “I AM” to “WE ARE”. They fully embrace that this journey is about the ALL, to Co-Create the New Earth Together in Harmony with Prime Creator and gain access to Brilliance and their Divine Gifts. It is the Givers That Will Inherit The Earth. They are Pure of Heart and within the frequencies of Unconditional Love. Your Star Family resonate within these frequencies. They will present themselves to those who resonate within these frequencies. This includes the Star Ships which is pure consciousness.

Many of you throughout your lifetimes have been victim, victimizer, taker and giver. You chose these experiences for growth and transformation. There is no Judgement. That is lower consciousness thought that the ego mind creates.

In order to transform these conditionings;
Take Full Responsibility of These Experiences,
Forgive All Including Yourself,
Feel into Those Energies,

This process will not feel pleasant, but you must feel into those feelings and energies to transform them into the light. Doing this allows you to gain wisdom, growth and expand your consciousness.
You may utilize the Violet Flame to assist in these transformations. Trees can also assist with energy transmutation. They are angels and have a powerful connection with Source. Meditate with Trees by simply Breathing in Love and Exhaling all that doesn’t resonate with Love. Trees provide the following;

Silencing the Mind,
Balancing Your Chakras,
Healing the Body,
Transforming the Ego Mind Programming,
Transforming Dense Energies,
Allow Clearer Communication with Your Guides & Angels,
Integrating The Higher Self

Another way is to be of Service to Love. Service helps to unlock your hidden potentials and transform the conditionings. If you are unsure how you can be of service, then communicate with your angels and guides for guidance. Keep in Your Hearts Dear Ones, Being in The Present Moment of NOW is the highest service you can do for the Planet and Humanity. We are Here to be of Service to Humanity, to Creation, to Gaia, to Love….

I AM Archangel Michael, always of Service to Our Mother & Father of All Creation… to Love. Love Fearlessly and Always Unconditionally.
Your Loving Brother,
Archangel Michael


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