Full Moon and Solstice: The Portal of Light and Balance

By Vera
A message from Sananda Jesus and Maria Magdalene

I received this channeling today with the clear message to share it immediately to help those that are struggling with the intense energies of the past days, building up to a portal of major importance and to support to calm down and regain trust. Important times, as the darkness is making its last efforts to somehow get back into the lead. If we remain in our center, in love and in trust, we are helping to make this process easier and smoother for everyone. Keep the faith and see the love behind everything.

A new portal is opening on June 20/21 with the full moon and solstice. We are celebrating a change. A change of the relation between masculine and feminine for good. We are reaching a higher level. For the first time we are joining the forces. Represented by father sun and mother moon coming together in full harmony on the longest day, shifting into an new timeline. Everyone who has done the work, has rid itself of the fears and low frequencies of the old illusions of the 3D matrix will enter this new timeline. A timeline of love, joy and happiness.

It is such a special moment for Maria Magdalene and me, as we have prepared this a long earthly time ago and can now see the fruits of this important mission we were on. It fills us with joy and pride to see how well you have done your work and how much trust you had and followed your inner guidance.

“The creative force of the feminine will now become equal with the masculine creator power. Walking side by side to create new earth.”

New times are starting with this portal. The creative force of the feminine will now become equal with the masculine creator power. Walking side by side to create a new earth with loving intentions and unconditional love, implemented by a free spirit. Although the world is in complete chaos right now, do not believe the illusions you see. The old is falling apart and it needs to, to be able to build a new one. 

A planet of light. After the full moon and solstice, the darkness will be absorbed fast by the light. The old forces will completely lose their power and will realize that there is no way back. The old system will destroy itself, and with it duality and linear time will completely vanish. Have you noticed lately that time seems to either speed up or slow down completely? It seems like sometimes everything happens all at once and then it seems like nothing is happening at all. That is the experience of time disappearing. Your system swings between the old and the new. And the same happens with duality. 

Do you notice, that the news do not interest you anymore? That you realize that everything that is happening which used to be perceived as evil loses its power, because you see that this was just a programmed trap to keep humanity in fear and modern slavery? Do you notice how easy it is to detach from it now, and that you can see that fear itself is just an illusion? It was only created to experience darkness while in a human body. To be able to see and appreciate the light. Our dearest eternal souls, know that you are to fear nothing. You cannot die. Death is one of the biggest illusions created to maintain the illusions of all fears. You are on an experience and changing location and vehicle from time to time. All there is in the universe is infinity.

We, as illumined twin flames, are guiding the way and are cheering you on while going through this portal. Many of you are experiencing heavy emotional pain and physical symptoms. Many are questioning and doubting everything. Know that these are remainders of old energies coming up now to prepare you to walk through this portal . Appreciate them and thank them for the experience you had and the lessons you learned before you let them go with a feeling of gratitude, forgiveness and relief. There is no right or wrong in the place you are walking into now. If you could see what we see already, you would be calm and peaceful all through the way. We both know how heavy it can feel in a human body while going through these thick and dense energetic layers. Please know that you are doing an outstanding job and you should appreciate yourself always and be proud of how far you have come. You are doing such an important job on this mission and we applaud you for everything you have already accomplished and gone through. Heaven awaits behind this portal! Old wisdom, gifts and talents will come back to you fast once you have accepted that the only block you had was the doubt about your own abilities and wisdom. It is time to drop this block and bravely walk through this portal with us. The masculine and feminine are coming together. Lets celebrate this beautiful event as it is a point of no return. Feel how the energies are balancing with in you, with your beloved and with everyone around you. Feel the oneness with every single being, flower, tree, stone and animal on this planet. Feel the grid of love that connects everyone and everything.

“Feel the oneness with every single being, flower, tree, stone and animal on this planet. Feel the grid of love that connects everyone and everything.”

Be grateful to be part of this and being able to be on earth while this important shift is happening. Many souls wanted to have this experience, only a few were able to do so. This might not seem like it from your earthly point of view, but if you feel deep within, you know it is the truth. Dear fellow souls, know that we are always watching over view and that there is nothing to fear or worry. Shift your consciousness to love. We have made it. There is no need to spend energy on the old. That system will be dead and gone soon. We love you. And we are walking with you in awe and gratitude. The whole Ashtar crew and Galactic confederation is looking down on you with pride, so are the archangels and ascended masters. We await you and welcome you on the other side of the portal. Bless you brave souls.

Maria Magdalene and Sananda Jesus

The texts I share are always based on channelings I receive and/or on experiences of clients and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage everyone to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. With lots of light and love, Vera Ingeborg…..

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